Cleaned Lens/Adjusted Little Wheel/Now PS2 will not Power On

Playstation 2 related problems
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Cleaned Lens/Adjusted Little Wheel/Now PS2 will not Power On

Post by tylercwhite »

So I carefully took apart my PS2 and cleaned the lens and slightly adjusted the disc tray gear. However, then when I tried to turn it on - it would not turn on. Nothing at all. Any suggestions?
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Post by Crissy »

Not in a bad way, but i think you broke it. :shock:
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Post by Captain_Sassy »

I did the same thing as you, i cleaned my lense but i disconnected the silver tape that goes from the top half to the bottom and i don't know where it goes back. This might be your problem
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Post by Bubs »

I also had the same thing happen to me so I reopened the ps2 and saw that the little silver ribbon had become disconnected. I took off the whole cover top and bottom by the way and as I looked underneath I saw a the little slot that the ribbon came out of. After I shoved the ribbon back into the slot It powered up no problem.
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Post by khat17 »

Could also be that the ribbon-cable is connected the wrong way (upside-down). If that is the case, you wouldn't get any standy red light when you power on the switch at the back. Check that and post your results. Hope the info provided by everyone was helpful.

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