PS2 fall

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PS2 fall

Post by Sarah »

My ps2 fell off the shelf it is on while I was playing NBA Ballers. The music and comentary sounded like a record that was skipping but I could play the game.

I restarted the game and it will play but it gets stuck at the load screen. Also the commetary will be on when the game starts but will stop all of a sudden during the game.

What should I do??
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Post by david »

Are other games working fine? (to pinpoint whether its your PS2 or just the games disc that has a problem)
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Post by bigairman »

my ps2 fell and wont read any disc, could the laser fall out of place?
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Post by khat17 »

The laser could be damaged. If it doesn't read AUDIO CDs or DVD MOVIES then you know it's bad. Go to the browser and insert a disk and post your results please.

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