Doug Grinding and Clacking

Playstation 2 related problems
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Doug Grinding and Clacking

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Doug this PS2 will not stop making all these noises It will stop game from playing It also leaves deap scrathes on my games It left Some scracthes on my NBA live 05 and that wont even get passed the broswer screen it will say reading disc then read for a while then it will go back to the memory card screen. Pleaseeeeeeeee help me I hope the PS3 isnt this bad. How do you open your Ps2?
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There are sites that deal with how to open your PS2. Your problem with the scratches could be a lens problem, as well as it could be the spindle cover magnet not working properly (poor magnetism) and therefore not holding the disk down properly during reading/spinning. If you still can't find any info on how to open your console on this site or otherwise by searching, post back and I'll try find some links to give you.

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