Discs won't read at all.

Playstation 2 related problems
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Discs won't read at all.

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None of my discs will read for my PS2.I can't play any games at all. Please tell me why they won't read.I want to play badly.PLEASE tell me!
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Try an AUDIO CD and a DVD MOVIE in there. Depending on which of those play, or not play, we will know where the problem lies. Specifically, the problem seems to be with your lens, and you may need to get a new one. If you can play AUDIO CD's then you should be able to play CD based games (PS1 and BLUE colored PS2 disks). If you can play DVD MOVIES then you can play DVD based games (SILVER/WHITE colored PS2 disks). If you can play one and not the other, you'll know which you can play. If you can't play either, then it's probably the lens gone bad. Are there any noises when you insert the disk? Could be that the spindle top magnet is faulty. Hope the info helps. You can buy a PS2 lens at some online stores.

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