PS2 tray wont open, Magnet Cover stopping it from opening

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PS2 tray wont open, Magnet Cover stopping it from opening

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Hey Guys, My ps2 cd tray will not open. When I press the eject button it comes out a 1/4 inch like it wants to open but then goes back to the original position. I think the magnet cover over the cd tray is stopping it from opening. I thing this because I took off the magnet cover and the tray opens fine but then when I put it back on it does not open. Is there any way to adjust the cd spindle or the magnet cover to make the cd tray open. Thanks
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No way that I am aware.......but when you're fitting up the PS2, try not putting in the cover screws (the 6-8 screws @ the underside). It could be that after fitting it up the cover is on too tight. If it still doesn't work after not inserting the screws, then your assumption may be right. To test this, try doing it with the cover off (but the cover for the disk tray with the spindle/spindel cover/laser/etc still on) and try ejecting. If it comes out, then one or two of the screws are too tight. If it still doesn't then something is out of alignment. That one I'd have to look at personally to help you further though, but fiddle around with it and you'll probably work it out. Hope the info helps.

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