Everything's going wrong!

Playstation 2 related problems
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Everything's going wrong!

Post by Crissy »

i'm gonna start from the begining. you see, i bought a new playstation2 game, right.( in case you wanted to know, sly cooper 2!) and my dad got me a used playstation 2. At first the game was cool,but then it started freezing, and the playstation coulnd't read the disk.Okay, i ignored it, because i never had a ps2 and i thought that was supposed to happen. But the next day, it got worse. I was able to play the game but the background music repeated itself and then the game started to freeze every time a major computerized thing would happen.you know like, when a story part comes in. it also made grinding clicking noises and made a small sratch on it.On top of that, i tried to put in a ps1 memory card in it. i took it out when i thought it was the problem, or maybe it won't play because i dont have a ps2 memory card? I wanna to know: should i replace the game or the sytem? Please help me! I wanna acutually play my game from beginning to end! :cry:
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Post by david »

Try the game on a friends PS2


Try a different game on your PS2.

Then you should be able to tell whether it is the games DVD or your system that is having problems (let's hope its the game DVD)...
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Post by ady »

on my tiger woods 2003, the commentators start speeding up, going backwards etc and sound effects come on for no reason, it's mental, but hilarious!!!
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Id get your money back, you got giffed by the guy who sold you the ps2. He knew it was faulty thats why he probably sold it :wink:
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Post by khat17 »

You sound like you have a lens problem. Meaning either the laser lens, or the spindle top. A new PS2 would do the trick, or if you know someone that is tech savvy, and willing to do the fix for you. Try tweaking the lens first, and checking for the spindle top being bad. Then changing the lens if all else fails. Try a DVD MOVIE in there, and try an AUDIO CD in there as well. The performance of these individually will let you know which type of disk it will read properly, and which it gives problems with. Hope the info helps.

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