802.11b Cards only connecting at 2Mbps

On the Linksys WAG54G. Performance, configuration and set-up.
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802.11b Cards only connecting at 2Mbps

Post by Stu »

I think I may have a problem with my WAG54G. When I connect to the access point with each of my laptops, one is a Dell with a TrueMobile 1150 802.11b card and the other is a Toshiba with a Toshiba 802.11b card, XP only reports it as connecting at 2Mbps!! I have tried absolutely everything:

- Updated drivers on Laptop
- Changed the channels
- Check for interference
- Ensured that the microwave was not on
- Checked that neighbours do not have any wireless devices
- Tried 802.11b mode, 802.11g mode, and mixed mode
- 128 Bit Wep
- 64 Bit Wep
- No encryption
- Setting TX to 11Mbps instead of auto

and still it only connects at 2Mbps. I haven't upgraded the firmware yet. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or know what could be causing it? This is doing my head in!!!

Many thanks in advance,


Post by thosch »

no problems here. The cards (PCMCIA and PCI) were from Tekram and have an Intersil Chipset. However they were always forced in their driver settings to 11Mbit (not auto!) .

Try forcing the cards to 11Mbit and have the WAG54g stay on auto/mixed mode.
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