anyone else have two white gears

Playstation 2 related problems
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anyone else have two white gears

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To fix my PS2 from locking up only minutes after I put my game in, I did what everyone keeps sayin...clean the laser and adjust the white gear. My only problem is that I have two white gears and adjusting them both the same amount didn't do anything. Can anyone help a person who's gone a month w/o playin' and is gettin' antsy!?
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Check if your console will play CD or DVD games. Depending on which it will or will not play, we will know if the lens is at fault. I hope you remembered the original settings for the white gears. If you've done all that and the games play in another console, maybe you'll need a new lens. Sorry about that. Hope the info helps.

BTW, yellow is a horrid color to use with this background. Please use a darker color.

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