My PS2 Reset button won't press! HELP!!!

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My PS2 Reset button won't press! HELP!!!

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Hi......I have a lim PS2 and the reset button won't press anymore. :( It fell while i was playing and now it won't press. I tried opening my slim PS2 but i don't know how. If anyone can tell me how to open a slim PS2 model, i would be able to fix the problem or if anyone know any other solution, please reply![/code]
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The slim is nice. The lens reads so much better than the older models, but it's a pain to chip. Anyways, there should be some info online on how to open it up. I can't remember offhand. If you find something, and go inside, hopefully it's a loose wire or the button got broke (the plastic that is over the actual button) and got moved out of place. If that's the case, it can be just put back and you should be ok. Hope the info helps a little.

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