my ps2 will not turn on?

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my ps2 will not turn on?

Post by chris »

ok. i i took apart my ps2 to fix a problem in the disk tray and i turn it on and there was a screw laying under it were the power cord conect to it and it made a loud poping nois. im asumeing its shorted out. how should i fix it????????
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Post by david »

not good, there is little chance of fixing that unless you are an experienced electrical engineer and have an electrical schema of the PS2.

Now is probably the time to hand it in to a service shop :-(

Opening your PS2 trying to fix it is always a risk. Not only is the warranty void, you also risk damaging more than you fix.

If you are careful however, you may be able to fix some minor problem or realise that the problem is too serious and then hand it in to a service shop.

My power doesnt work

Post by william_benfield1 »

Hi my name is william and my PS2 is broke or something. the power to my PS2 doesnt work :evil: and well I need help so if you could tell me how to fix it i would appreacite it. thanx :D
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Post by khat17 »

Use a multimeter and go through the PS2 power supply to ensure that power is going through and no fuses or capcitors are blown. If that's ok, then check to see if you replaced the ribbon cable to the power/eject buttons properly (if you've disassembled the console before). Hope the info helps.

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