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ps2 controller

Post by moemian »

I would thank u a lot if u could help. Listen, one of my controllers L1 button will not work and causes the gameplay to mess up. L1 is like locked in place. I can't fix it. please help
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Post by david »

buying a new controller will be your best option... unless it's still under warranty.
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Post by khat17 »

Aside from getting a new controller, you could open your faulty controller and try cleaning it out. Either dirt has caused the button to stick, or someone was mashing the controller buttons a lot and forced the button in. If you can't do it, find someone that has done it before, or is willing to do it for you. That problem shouldn't be to hard to either find out why, or fix. The only thing that would make it unable to be repaired is if the rubber or membrane underneath the button got damaged.......Getting a new controller is probably the easiest route tho. Hope the info was helpful.

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