The playstation is broken?!( hello, i need a reply!)

Playstation 2 related problems
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The playstation is broken?!( hello, i need a reply!)

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Hey, crissy here.I'm gonna try my slycooper game on my friend's ps2 today, but the day i brought the game to the shop, it worked perfectly.(I felt like such and idiot) I also bought a simpson game for my ps2 and when i got home and tried it, it froze, too.
Plus, when i put a ps1 game in the ps2,it worked perfectly.The grinding clicking noises have long stopped, and the ps2 can't read DVD's. is there anyway i can fix this once and for all? I'm tired of trying to see which one is the problem and returning things to the store. :cry: :( :? :x
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Post by khat17 »

Probably the lens is gone, or going bad. You need to try tweaking the lens. David has a blog with how it's done. By the sounds of it, the lens is shot, and will only read PS1 and CD based PS2 games. If all else fails then you'll need a new lens. If you carry it back to a store, ask the person to try changing the lens for you. Hope the info helps.

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