My PSP says Loading but that is all it does

Playstation 2 related problems
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My PSP says Loading but that is all it does

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Hi All was ting to play Madden 2005 inserted the disk, madden logo came on and says loading.. waited a while and reinserted the disk into my psp still said loading, nothong happen after that game would not load although it still said loading.
I followed the directlions in taking apart the psp2, cleaned the lasar and moved the white gear a couiple notches and Still the game will not load..I tried several different games and have the same problem on all of them. The game screen appears says it loading, but goes no further than that. I see the disk spinning, have no clue what is wrong, Can anyone help me Please. Thank you
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Assuming you mean PS2 and not PSP2. PS2 - Playstation 2 | PSP = Playstation Portable.

Is the console chipped? When did the problem arise? Have you tried the games in another console? Will the console play AUDIO CD's and DVD MOVIES? When playing either of those, does it skip or hitch in any way? Please post the answers to these for me to assist you further. I need to know more of the symptoms. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your time. Hopefully can help you sort it out.

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