WAG54G and Local DHCP Server

On the Linksys WAG54G. Performance, configuration and set-up.
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WAG54G and Local DHCP Server

Post by zillah »

What is the difference between

"Local DHCP Server"-->Enable and

"AutoDetect LAN DHCP Server" :-->Enable

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Post by david »

From Linksys support themselves:
The AutoDetect LAN DHCP Server option on the WAG54G v2 router is used when there is another DHCP server present on the LAN aside from the router itself.

When this option is enabled, the router will automatically try to locate another DHCP server on the LAN. If it sees one, the router automatically disables its own DHCP capability and allows the other server to distribute the IP address to its clients.
So unlike with DHCP relay where the WAG will forward the IP address, in the case with AutoDetect the WAG will simply disable its DHCP if it finds another DHCP server on the LAN.

What if both routers have the setting AutoDetect on? :?
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