Can't PING

On the Linksys WAG54G. Performance, configuration and set-up.
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Can't PING

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Hi all,

I've searched for the answer since a while but can't find correct solution, maybe someone here ... here is my problem :
My WAG54G V1 is 1.02.9 (Annexe A), no WPA nor WEP, no DHCP, standard configuration.
I'am not using the modem anymore as I had to use the ISP one, just the Wifi/Ethernet switch. The ISP modem is connected to one port of the switch. No firewall then. (but the problem is the same if I use the WAG's modem).
I've also two PC with windows XP connected wirelessly (G). Internet is OK on both, no problem here. But they can't ping each other !. There is no firewall problem on PC, I've double check. I've also other devices connected with WIfi card or USB dongle and same problem. Can't ping from one device to another, if there are both wirelessly connected ...

Does some one can help ?

Thanks a lot,
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