PS2 Controller Port

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PS2 Controller Port

Post by Jay_Z »

I need someone to tell me how i can get my ps2 controller port 1 to work. The player 2 controller port works, so i have to play games through it, but i cant play certain games because i need the player 1 control port.
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possible solution

Post by jhawkeye »

hey man, both inputs for the controllers are on one port, if that makes sense. So, i think if one is messed up then you will have to replace the whole controller port. I did it on my ps2 because none of the controllers worked, its easy enough to do. pm me if you need more info.
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Post by khat17 »

jhawkeye - thanx 4 the help with this. How did it turn out? And also, does the memory card work in slot 1? If you turn on the ANALOG feature on P1 controller, does it come on? If so, then maybe it just needs cleaning or the cable to be re-seated. Let us know how things feared.

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