DRE- and Scratches

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DRE- and Scratches

Post by quarteg »

Although I am recieving the dreaded DRE message it seems to only be on Silver and purple backed disks. All of my psOne games play fine. I read on how to adjust the eye and I will try it soon. However... I am noticing scratches on my disks that have DRE. These "Scratches" are perfectly circular and about 1/2 of an inch from the center of the disk.

What I was wondering was, "Is the eye to close to the disks in this situation or could there be another problem?" I will wait for a reply before I start to work on my system.

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Post by ady »

i have a similar problem, the scratches on mine are about 5mm from the centre, doesn't affect the games but you can sometimes hear it scratching.
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Post by khat17 »

If your PS2 is only reading CD based games (PS1 and CD based PS2 games) then your lens is probably going bad. If you tweak it and it doesn't help, it's definately the lens. If the lens is scratching the disk, then it could be that the lens is too close to the disk, or maybe that the spindle top ("white thingy" in the top of the disk tray assembly that holds the disk down) is faulty, and not holding the disk properly. Hope the information helps. BTW, you can adjust the lens height using the two white adjustment notches to the back of the lens assembly. Careful when adjusting it, and mark where the original positioning is.

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