Getting to first base

On the Linksys WAG54G. Performance, configuration and set-up.
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Getting to first base

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I am swopping a sagem usb modem for the linksys WAG54G-uk Gateway wireless system. In the set-up routine I have got as far as putting the ip address of the gateway into my browser, but no further. At this stage the browser wants to connect to pipex via the sagem adsl 'dial-up modem' rather than speaking to the gateway. Do I have to alter my default connection in IE under tools - internet option so that I can communicate with the gateway? I can ping its ip address ok from a dos command line. I have disabled wep on the wireless pCI card and set the ssid to linksys.



ps I have gone through the troubleshooting sections 4,2,1 and appendix D of the manual
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Base 1 :-)

Yeah, because you are switching to always on internet you have to change your IE settings:

Tool / Internet Options /connections / never dial a connection
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