choppy video images while on 802.11b

Question and comments on the D-Link DCS-2100+ Internet Camera
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choppy video images while on 802.11b

Post by lashkar »


The dcs-2100+ I have have good video quality when it connects to the LAN with wire.
This is the only 802.11x device in the house and its only 4-5 feel away from the accesspoint/router.

Any suggestion in improving the video ?

Also , I need to change/customize the videostreaming page of the dcs-2100+, any idea
how I can fget to that html file(s) ?

Many thanks.
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Post by david »

Try disabling encryption temporarily to see whether you get better throughput for the video feed.

Move the camera further away, maybe it is too close and causing interference?

The bandwidth of b standard should be sufficient for full quality feed of the camera!

You can lower the quality setting to medium and see if it improves things.

Regarding q2. You are not meant to modify the firmware. The camera is Linux based but you will not be able to telnet or ssh or whatever to it.

Consider creating a page hosted somewhere and including the image or video feed there. Have a look at the FAQ

Post by lashkar »

Mnay thanks David,
I will make the changes you suggested and post the outcome here .
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