PS2 blue disks and the clicking grinding noise

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PS2 blue disks and the clicking grinding noise

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Our PS2 started giving us the Disk Read Error (DRE) and the clicking grinding noise (with blue disks) which prompted me to search the web for help. The email chain prior to this new forum had good info and I wanted to add to it. I thought maybe the noise was caused by the disk sliping, like it needs more friction where the spindle contacts it, so I made a ring from adhesive label paper (inside diameter about 3/4", outside diameter about 1") and stuck it on the blue side. To my surprise it worked and the game started up normally (and quietly)! Good luck to any/all who try this. :D
david k

Post by david k »

Well done... little bit of DIY.

I have an old CD player that has similar problem so I will try your advice.

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Where did you say you did this?

Post by Rustedskul »

By 'ring' I mean washer shape, not ring-on-your-finger type shape. Center it around the hole in the CD.
ben 45

grinding cliking

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My ps2 grinds and cliks to any game I put in it, and when it start cliking, the music in the game stops, especially on hitman contracts and WWE here comes the pain. :cry:
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Try the solution in the first post. If that doesn't work, try tweaking the lens. If that doesn't work, you may need a new lens. Hope the info helps.

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