Playstation 2 related problems
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I bought a pre-owned madden 2004 game for ps2 and I brought it home and it didn't I exchanged it for another pre-owned 2004 Madden game and it worked twice but then I got that same similar disk read error. So I brought that one back and this time bought a brand new 2004 Madden and it didn't work so now I figure it's the PS2 even though some of my other games DID work. Brought the other PS2 home and put the Madden game in and it worked once and no MORE!!! So I thought that it's not the game but the PS2 but this PS2 plays ALL my other games fine. This time the problem is the Madden 2004 would be loading up but then freezes OR in the beginning when you go and click the browser menu and it gives you the golden disk to click...well when I click it, instead of starting the game the whole process repeats it's self and I click the golden disk again and the same thing keeps happening OVER AND OVER. I really don't know what to do...I dunno if the problem is the PS2 or the Madden game and I am so frustrated about...could it be a defect within Madden 2004 games all together or what? PLZ HELP!!!

P.S.- know there has been controversy with PS2 disk reading errors and a lot of class action law suits filed against Sony but this playstation does play my music CD's and other PS2 games fine...JUST NOT MADDEN...not just one but 3 Madden 2004 games 2 pre-owned and one BRAND NEW!!!
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I'm guessing the MADDEN is a DVD based game. If your console plays other DVD based games, then I'd suggest tweaking/cleaning the lens. If that doesn't help, then I'd suggest a new lens. I'd not suggest a new lens if your console plays other DVD based games. If all it doesn't play is that one game, then you may just have to work with it for now. An alternative would be to get a mod-chip, copy the game, and play the copy. To check which brand of DVD blanks your console works best with, try copying some of the movies you have to different brand blanks and see which works best. Hope the info helps.

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