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Reset/Eject Buttons

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 9:57 pm
by khat17
Hello every1. Modded my PS2, and all was good. The fan stopped working and I soldered it to the board, and it was ok. The problem now is that under normal circumstances the red light for the power/reset switch should come on when power is applied. It doesn't. Also the eject button doesn't work. If you turn on the PS2 normally using the power/reset button then it comes on, the green for the power and blue for the eject, but only the power works. It will work to reset and power off, but when powered off the light goes completely. So that's my situation. Any ideas ppl? Anything is appreciated. Thank you.

heh, wouldn't believe what did it. Used my tester and bridged one of the resistors. Shorted it out basically, and it shutdown the PS2 (yes I was testing it while it was on). After that, the eject button works. Still no red light when it's soft-powered off though. Any info on this would be appreciated.