Cleaning is not the solution for me!

Playstation 2 related problems
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Cleaning is not the solution for me!

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i am enquiring about the cleaning of my ps2 .. ive tryed doing that step by step program on , and it doesnt work i cleaned my ps2 with a qtip and rubbing alcohol nothing seems to help. And now instead of me getting that disc reading error and the sound of the disc clicking . i get that please insert a format disc error, Anyways i was wondering if your able to buy a new laser for the ps2, if thats possible please tell me! :wink:
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You can get a new lens at some online stores. You can try DAVID's blog to find his tweaking/adjusting your lens section. You can also search it out online. If tweaking doesn't work, you'll need the new lens. Search it out and choose the store you prefer. Hope the info helps.

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