plasma probs

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plasma probs

Post by visionsystems »

i have a customer with three BenQ 46w plasma screens, he wishes to watch the output from a sky digibox on all three at the same time. the video leads are 20m , 12m & 7m in length. we have tried a "cheap" video splitter but we are haveing problems with pictures going black &white or 2" lines running vertically along the screen with lighter and darker parts of the image in them.this happens on one screen then the next until all three display the same. switch off all screens, repower then a delay of up to 5 hours then the same again. What is the best way to connect ? and what type/brand of video splitter ? we have one other screen connect by a 40m lead from the video scart on the digibox and it works fine. only the three from the splitter cause us issues
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Post by steve »

is the video splitter you are using amplified at all?
if not i would imagine a video output distribution amplifier would do the trick
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Post by david »

Hello visionsystems,

I do not have any experience with video splitters but you could always enquire Joe at The Media Factory.

They sell all sorts of video equipment and are very helpful :!:

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we have changed the video splitter to a Kramer model (good quality ) but the problem persists, so we belive it is not the video splitter.
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