Connecting a DVD recorder and Video recorder

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Connecting a DVD recorder and Video recorder

Post by js1 »

I have just purchased a JCB PCEB plasma screen along with a Toshiba RX32 DVD recorder. These are linked to my sky digibox. The plasma does not have a scart connection, therefore tuning is via a scart from the recorder with BNC cables connected to the plasma. The recorder will not allow me to record one channel (say sky), and simultaneously watch a different channel (eg BBC).

I therefore thought I could connect my old video on a second BNC connection to the screen and use it as a second tuner. I am having problems doing this however as still cant seem to swap to the video tuner without stopping the recording. I am obviously doing something wrong so any help as to how the connection should be would be appreciated. (Please bear in mind I am a newbie to all this).

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Post by david »

Not understanding you completely.

To be able to view a second Sky channel, you will have to get a second digibox. You cannot use the old video as a tuner for your sky dish.

If you mean using the old video as a tuner for standard Antenna connection, understand that videos cannot output component (what you call BNC?) nor RGB video.

You will have to resort to Composite (yellow) or possibly s-video if the VCR can output that. This of course if the plasma can take composite/s-video inputs.

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David, thanks. No I didnt mean to watch another sky channel, just an ordinary non satellite channel. Do you mean if I connect a phono type plug (yellow) this may work providing the plasma will accept it?

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