techwood TV picture quality

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techwood TV picture quality

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My techwood 42" plasma is now 6 weeks old, my first impresions were positive but after having ntl cable installed I have noticed so many faults.If anything is moving fast ie,like a head turning,there faces go kind of glazed,its like the TV isnt quick enough!! Football is disastrous,tennis is pathetic.I had the curries technician round to check it out & he thought it was a relitivly good picture for a plasma!!!!He blamed the satalite/cable company,its something to do with bandwith or suchlike,as some commercials have perfect picture quality which are broadcast locally,then the program which is poor comes via satalite,I dont if he was giving me some bull but it seemed convincing.
I have no problems with dvd its perfect.
So what do I do now,do I accept it as it is or complain,would a more expensive plasma be any different?could I take it back?
One point to note,when there on disply in the shop,they only play a dvd,make's you think!!
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A more expensive plasma will not improve the quality of the NTL signal. If anything, it will only make things worse by enhancing the compression artefacts.

Complain to your cable company. If enough people complain maybe it will force the cable companies to invest money in their hardware to improve the broadcasts.

Such bad quality was acceptable when people had 26-28" old fashioned TVs in their living rooms but now with plasmas, LCDs and HDTVs it is not acceptable anymore.

I moved from NTL to Sky 2 years ago (2002) and found Sky to have better broadcast quality, especially on the main channels.
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techwood plasma

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i have just installed and fitted my m8s plasma for him ,first off it seemed a very good tv ,,but as we did , we left it on for a while we noticed a few things ...
1) annoying buzzing coming from middle right as you look at the back
2) as you say the picture on the tv is unable to keep up with whats been shown , so much so that we tried a dvd ,,all seemed fine until about 10mins in when the whole thing froze on the tv but the dvd continued to run (his was checkled by using another scart plugged into a smaller tv ...the picture on that was fine !!!)
all i could suggest was get the engineer back out to sort it out(although i doubt he will be able to do anything)...or buy another plasma ,,maybe panasonic as they seem to be advanced in plasma technology!!!
hope this helps u (and my m8)!!!
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