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Katie Collins

Techwood Plasma

Post by Katie Collins »

I recently purchased a Techwood Plasma Screen TV from Currys and wanted this installed to the wall. Now that it has been installed the cabling is too short to connect to the box to be pluged into the socket. Currys are totally incable of getting the cabling for me and I was wondering if you have heard from anyone else and maybe have an idea of what to do next.

Thanks for your help.

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Post by david »

what kind of cabling is it? Is is some general video cabling or some specific Techwood cabling between the screen and it's tuner box?

Or is it some kind of power cable since you mentioned "socket"?

Techwood Cable length issues.

Post by Daryl »

I also recently bought a Techwood Plasma from Currys and have the exact same problem as Katie (If this is still a problem)

It is not a power cable issue. Both cables are pretty standard length of 1.8m. The power for the screen seems like a normal "old kettle" type connection going then straight to the plug. The other lead may well be specific to Techwood. I dont know, I have never seen the pin outs of other tuner to screen connection cables.

As mentioned by A N Other on this site previously, the documentation isn't up to much on the screen, but the screen is well worth a look at the price.

(BTW, dont let Currys talk you into buying a wall mount bracket from them any pay £300 to have it put up, there is a good wall bracket in the box and all the fixings you need)

I would also like some help on the cable issue. Please let me know if anyone has now sorted this out. (I think the screen may be a samsung re-badge, but I couldn't be sure)

Post by Guest »

Did this problem ever get soughted only ive just purchased the Techwood plasma on line and I will be mounting it on the wall would be nice to know if I need extra cables before it arrives.

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Post by Guest »

The cable is a dfp 26 pin cable. you have to go to specialist electronic stores to get them. such as maplins i got mine from .

hope this helps. I was also looking at getting a generic tuner box to connect to the screen in the first instance, to solve this issue.
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