hitachi 42PD7200 hook up?

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hitachi 42PD7200 hook up?

Post by vince_vega »

hi there, this is my first post so be gentle!! i have just purchased a hitachi 42pd7200 plasma and i am struggling to connect it all up properly! i currently have sky+, a sony rdrgx3 dvd recorder, a panasonic vhs video recorder and a gamecube. i dont yet have component cables for the dvd recorder (but they are on the way) so what is the best way to do it?? if someone could explain both methods of connection (scart and component) it would be a great help!! :D
thanks in advance.
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Post by david »

Welcome to the forum Vince!

Have you read the How to connect your Plasma TV post?

The Hitachi looks like a nice Plasma, especially at that price (£1,300?)

It seems as if the TV has 2 composite connections, 2 component connections, 1 SCART, 1 s-video as well as 1 aerial. Correct me if I am wrong?

I am assuming that you do not have a video switching amplifier.

For best quality connect the devices up like this:
  1. 1. VHS: Check for s-video. If the video recorder does not have s-video, use the composite (yellow).

    2. DVD recorder: I find best quality using component cables.

    3. Sky+: Use the scart cable and make sure to select RGB out in the sky setup menus.

    4. GameCube: Get component cables for it. Alternatively you can get a SCART switcher from Maplin (£25) and connect 2-3 SCART devices to the switcher and the switcher to the Plasma.
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