panasonic 42pwd7 just the job

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panasonic 42pwd7 just the job

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following on from my techwood plasma purchase and resulting problems I plumped for a panasonic set up.

overall, i paid £1700 for the set up, this included the terminal boards, tilting wall mount, some new top quality cables, delivery and an extended warrenty.
the picture quality you get from this set up is absolutely spot on.
to explain it in laymans terms, the picture quality is the closest to a crt television that i have seen on a plasma.
I'm sure that if you spent 3,4,5 times more money you would still be hard pressed to compete with the results this set can produce.

I would recommend this plasma display to anyone in the market with a similar budget.

I hope this helps anyone who might be considering a purchase in the near future.
I would also like to recommend to you the co. I got mine from. AVsales. They are always at the end of the phone to answer any questions no matter how stupid they might seem to you, they also take time to answer you in terms you understand instead of rushing through a load of technical gobbledygook and getting rid of you as quick as possible. delivery was amazing, I ordered my gear on wednesday afternoon and it was delivered before midday on the friday!!!

all in all, as you can probably tell, I am very happy with everything now. the set-up and the sale. I had a hard time with my techwood purchase from curry's but everything worked out for the best in the end.

this is my feedback, I hope it helps someone out.

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Post by david »

Panasonic plasma tvs are known to have some of the best contrast ratios!
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