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Siemens s66

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:12 am
by David E. Scott
Phone says your program is not digitally signed. Then it says this program cannot run on this phone.

I'd like a program that takes thepics and saves them to a location of my chosing.

Basically I wanna turn off the web part of your program and let it save to my
multimedia card in the phone.

Can you help? Might be another app for yah. Also, the siemens S66 will not let me turn off the shutter sound, got any suggestions?

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:14 am
by david
It is too costly to get the application signed by an authority. It's only viable for commercial applications.

If it cannot run it means most likely that your phone does not support the required Java functionality. I think its the part of taking a photo from Java.

Saving the photo locally is already built in my software but turned off because not many phones support that latest Java addition. If you only want to save to card why not use the standard phone functionality?

When I get the time I'll provide two versions.

Getting around the shutter sound is not easy, Java will not help you as it is hard wired into the phone.

On SonyEricsson the only way is to change to a firmware from a country where the shutter sound is not mandatory. Not sure about Siemens.